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summer is gone and winter is here and so we go on to feature more contemporary art





It all started when…

I was in Venice, Italy with a great bunch of peeps in 2017. Ideas were flowing as fast as the red wine. Inspiration was everywhere, it oozed from the walls, the conversations, the what ifs. A little over a year and a half later and I am typing this on a cold winter night…under the duvet covers, planning the upcoming holidays of December. Realizing that 2018 is almost over and not a minute too soon. I think a good many of us are emotionally fatigued from the politics that have separated, angered, saddened and discouraged our souls.

This webzine, kART, and now this character, Super MowMow, are the fruits of this past year; the way I have coped with aging, heartbreak and the vexations of life. These babies have been slow to be born, to come to life, to take shape—I had to learn to make a website, record voice blogs, continuously trace and re-trace what I would like to accomplish with all this. So, I ask you to bear with me a little longer <3 I am grateful for your patience, your comments, your likes and your dislikes, but mostly I am grateful for your love. I hope I am able to bring a smile to your day, a new quirky or different way of understanding art and the artists who put themselves on the line out there everyday with an image, a though, a word.

I have a suspicion that this next year will continue to be a time for change— I don’t think that will ever change! But I really do hope that it will be a better time for so many who are struggling through life because of ALL the change happening so quickly. I hope we can fix all that is wrong and ugly, learn to take care of each other, listen, help, share. But the reality is that there’s no magic pill, no easy way. Perhaps, when we can finally see that we are more similar than different, that this planet is worth saving, and that our children deserve a future, well…

I wish you a gentle and peaceful year ahead full of kindness & safety. And most of all I wish you love in all its wonderful surprising manifestations.






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