kART is a monthly curated cultural webzine and journal where you can immerse yourself in a visual journey, read a short story carved from the paradoxes of life and art or discover the thought process behind some of today's creators and influencers in one of the 10 minute podcast interviews. I started kART to highlight and celebrate the brilliant voices who are COURAGEOUSLY BLURRing the boundaries, PERSISTENTLY defining and re-defining the world around us and creating deep and meaningful sensory experiences in many forms and manners of expression.  

my own art practice over the past two decades, has focused on the intersections where art is allowed to extend beyond itself--like the seed that becomes a tree or a stream that turns into a river. since graduating my interest has been helping artists build on their creative PRACTICES: facilitating exhibitions, curating, administrating. the obstacles have been many, but the rewards have always outweighed the CHALLENGEs with an almost undeterred belief that an image or a word has the power to inspire, start conversations, or become the impetus for a project that could change the world. Most IMPORTANTLY, the arts allow for the space to question what is IMPORTANT and engage the unknown. So, with this in mind the blog stories explore art and social activism-because this is relevant to our world today and perhaps even necessary for our collective evolution.  

So, grab your kART and fill it to your heart's content! You may be surprised at what you take away. Enjoy your creative K-zine on the go!                          

                                                                                                                                           -Alexandra keim