kART is a curated cultural webzine and personal journal where you may immerse yourself in an extraordinary visual journey, read a short passionate story carved out of art and life's extraordinary journeys or discover an artist's métier and the unedited thought process behind the making in one of the podcast interviews. I started kART mainly because I feel there is a need for many of us to lead creative lives, lives that seem increasingly out of reach. Since graduating I have encountered many obstacles that on a bad day has almost had me throwing my hands up in the air in defeat, but the rewards seem to outweigh the losses. The reward being the hope that an image or a sentence may inspire others to start, to make, to challenge what they see. I will share stories that look at art and science, art and technology as well as art and social activism-because these are the intersections so relevant and influential in our world today. 

So, grab your kART and fill it to your heart's content, you may be surprised what you walk away with--art on the go, enjoy!